Let's GAME!

You can try the game by downloading it from here:

Explore the world three paths to learn and have fun.

The player can access the three routes from a single map. Once the route has been selected, the player, even together with the teacher/educator, can explore the game world and its stations. Stations are areas in the game world characterized by the presence of activities that can be carried out. They can be recognized by the presence of NPCs who suggest the activities to be carried out or by the increase in complexity and density of the game areas.

The game has a mainly exploratory nature, through which players are encouraged to explore areas and discover new challenges, objects and rewards. In addition to the three paths, players have access to a central hub: the class square. Here each player has the opportunity to enhance/decorate a small house with the objects obtained thanks to the exploration of the three paths. The function of the hub is to give a sense of progression over time – players are encouraged to complete activities in the stations, thus improving the central hub.

The game will be a medium to increase students’ involvement encouraging them to go deeper into the themes, also outside the game world and, starting from the “thematic Areas” – literature, visual art, monuments and landscape – the teachers will be able to go deeper and study the contents of the different stations.