Meet our team

The project brings together partners from four EU countries: Romagna Tech for Italy, supported by the Finnish ACCAC, Education Agility for the Netherlands and Politistiko Parko for Greece.

The partners collaborated in the creation of content, graphics and more for an educational kit that aims to integrate gamification into traditional educational tools for three areas in particular, International Literature, Visual Arts, Historical Monuments and Landscape.

Project Coordinator
Romagna tech

Romagna Tech brings the best skills and resources together to foster growth, competitiveness and innovation. The Industrial Research Laboratory which is accredited by the Emilia-Romagna Region is specialized in ICT and Mechanics: we design and deliver high-performing, innovative technological solutions and prototypes, all the way up to product engineering and industrialization. The innovation centre operates to promote innovation and foster interactions between research, businesses and local agencies providing advanced services, information and assistance to develop innovation by relying on a network of expertise found on the regional territory as well as at the national and European levels. The startup area guides innovative business promoters into a very diverse process, offering different specific and added values services.

Esteetön taide ja kulttuuri ry / ACCAC Finland

ACCAC Finland is the founding member of the global ACCAC network (Accessible Arts and Culture). In 2022 the network covers 14 countries around the globe. The Accessible Arts and Culture association were founded in Tampere in 2011. The principle of ACCAC activities is to provide events, cultural services providers, organisations, theatres and companies with concrete assistance related to improving accessibility and reaching new audiences and participants. The goal is, to promote equal participation in cultural events for all people and to raise awareness, inclusion and diversity. In 2021 ACCAC Finland was accepted as an official partner of the New European Bauhaus initiative. We are also involved in several Erasmus+ and Creative Europe projects.

Stichting for Education on Agility Liberating Structures

The foundation is working in the field of Educational Leadership for transformation on Agility and Liberating Structures. It offers a thorough workshops new approach better suited for dealing with the accelerating pressures for growth and innovation faced by so many educational organisations today. It supports change makers and social innovators and provides training in several methodologies such as BRICKme, LEGO Serious Play, Agile, Kanban, Liberating Structures, U- Methodology, Design Thinking, Storytelling, Game design, Gamification, Business Model YOU and Circular Economy. Organisational Constellations and App designer.

Politistiko Parko / Cultural Park S.A.​

POLITISTIKO PARKO is a not for profit organization specialed in the organization and implementation of experiential programs for schools and teenagers. It disposes of a thematic park of 25.000 square meters which hosts school and family visits and organizes different cultural programs in its space including various theatrical performances for the whole family. Inside the park one can find a Museum of Greek Folklore, Vineyards and Rare Winemaking Units, Olive Groves and Traditional Olive Oil Extraction Units, Botanical Gardens and a multitude of exhibits highlighting Grain and Bread Production. POLITISTIKO PARKO has significant experience in implementing transnational cultural projects, as it is involved in a network of partners implementing theatrical and cinematographic co-productions holding collaborations with various cultural institutions (henschel SCHAUSPIEL, Germany/ Book/lab Literary Agency, Poland/ Litag Theaterverlag GmbH & Co. KG, Germany and others).