Bringing Childhood, Gamification and Culture together

Game On! is a European cooperation project financed under the Creative Europe programme. It brings together 4 partners from 4 EU countries with the aim of bringing gamification in cultural processes, with a specific focus on developing new digital educational products dedicated to childhood.

A new model for children’s education

01 - Digital Education

Game On! intends to act as a forerunner in the dissemination of a new model for children’s education in humanities, based on greater contamination between digital products and ‘traditional’ educational programmes.

02 - Aims

By developing innovative digital products for children’s education, Game On! aims to:

  1. stimulate actors from the cultural and creative sector to pursue greater efficiency and competitiveness in the digital production of cultural goods and services;
  2. contribute to accelerating the digital transition in cultural education within and beyond educational institutions.
03 - Cultural education

Game On! is shaped around the final aim to facilitate children’s access to cultural education by using digital tools and game-derived patterns that are most familiar to young digital natives.